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“Before I started with Bodydojo, I had researched a lot of online exercise programs. Most of them are either aimed at beginners, or at teaching you a special skill. Bodydojo is different.

When I first found Bodydojo, what struck me was the belt system. It gave me clear goals, to understand what level of strength I’m on, and which skills to tick off the list, to reach the next level. Once I subscribed, I found out there’s more to it. Jason, the founder of Bodyojo, took a lot of time to understand my current situation and my goals, and put together a set of custom routines to help me get stronger.

I honestly can say, that Bodydojo greatly accelerated my calisthenics journey. Jason encouraged me to use gymnastic rings (which are fantastic for building strength), and the custom programs entailed a lot of new exercises. I’m now getting very close to the brown belt level, and am excited to see what’s next!

Thanks Bodydojo, and keep up the great work! :)”

 I've been doing The Body Dojo workouts for the past 3 years.  I was sick of lifting weights at the gym so I started focusing on Yoga.  Yoga was great but I still missed my strengthening routine. Jason's calisthenics workouts became such a big supplement to my yoga practice.  My handstands and shoulder stands instantly improved!!  My planks turned into 2+ minute planks and I was able to run a half marathon with all the cross training. Jason does a great job explaining how to properly do all the bodyweight exercises. I can now properly do a push up and my handstands have proper form because of him! The membership is worth it!  He even will help modify workouts for you like he does for me since I'm currently pregnant. 


 Having gone through extensive shoulder surgery 5 years ago I have been struggling for years to get back in shape and regain my natural range of motion. After years of working out to get back to my pre-surgery shape I was only able to regain 60% of my range of motion and honestly regretted getting surgery. When I first heard about the Body Dojo workouts and how it only required your body weight I was very skeptical but figured what do I have to lose. After 4 months following the Body dojo workout I must admit I was glad I took a chance. At this point I've regained 85-90% of my range of motion and no longer struggle with the shoulder pain associated with working out with weights. The Body Dojo workouts are surprisingly efficient in how they target your whole body! Best part of it all is since the Body Dojo doesn't require using weight or significant equipment I am able to squeeze in a workout anywhere I travel. 


 If you're looking for a program that requires none or very minimal equipment, customized with your personal current capabilities (with plenty of room for self improvement and achievements), a passionate trainer that will guide you and an enjoyable, but effective workout, this is the program for you.  


 I love the Body Dojo! I'm over 40 and never thought I could do a handstand. With Jason's instruction I've been able to do things I never imagined. Thank you Jason and the Body Dojo crew! 


 The first time I worked out with the Body Dojo group I could only do a handful of pull-ups. I fell on my head trying handstand progressions and realized I had little body flexibility. From the animal flow warm up to the complex strength progressions, the calisthenics program has completely changed the way I treat working out. After years of overdoing conventional training and fighting injuries, I’ve been doing calisthenics for a year and a half now and have consistently progressed while remaining injury free. There are always new challenges and goals to conquer keeping the program both mentally and physically engaging.  


 I like it so far. It has different workouts than the other program I was doing, which is nice to switch it up. My reps aren't very high but I'm trying to concentrate on my form. The rings and your routines really make you do that. That's what I'm liking most.The workouts have been great. I really do like the program you put together! 


 Yup! I did it! First time I went through the program! It kicked my butt but it feels good after your done! Thank you! 


 I love how you break down calisthenics with the belt levels. I was able to start at Orange Belt right away. I'm really enjoying the workouts! Thanks! 


 I feel amazing today. I think what I am glad about was pushing myself to the limits. So, just want to thank you for that. 


 Your workouts are amazing. I was a little hesitant about doing some of the moves. But you reassured me that it's more about having great technique with the move than pounding out the move. I was a little sore but felt great. Thanks Body Dojo! 


 Thanks for the workouts. I have never exercised like this before. I'm stronger and I'm losing weight! 


 ... a huge fan of your website, gotta love that very steady progression trough the hard world of calisthenics... 


 I love the video instructions, really helps me understand how to do each exercise correctly. I love how your kids are in some of the videos too! 


 I'm a father of 2. It was hard for me to make it to the gym in between work and the kids. I love how I can do a challenging workout at home, especially with the kids. Thanks Body Dojo! 


 I can do a handstand now thanks to your workouts! I love how each belt level gives you a new set of goals to achieve.  


 I'm 6'2 and came in with a lot of reservations whether or not bodyweight fitness was a good fit for me. Boy was I wrong! I started at White Belt to get my body acclimated and now I'm at Orange Belt. My goal is to get to Green Belt by the end of the year. I look forward to all the workouts and I am definitely seeing a difference in both my physique and overall fitness! 


 I didn't know you could use gymnastics rings to do so many exercises. The Body Dojo really made it easy to get a full workout program in. I just log on and get working. Thanks! 


 I used to do crossfit and have suffered injuries to both my shoulders and knees. I ran into Jason at a fair and he opened my eyes to the world of bodyweight fitness. I gotta say, it's hard! I love the challenge and I don't miss crossfit one bit. Actually I like showing off to my old crossfit buddies on how easily I can do muscle ups and walk on my hands! Bodyweight fitness for life! 


 My posture, shoulders, and wrist pain are pretty much non-existent now thanks to your workouts! I love how I was able to start off slow and work my way into it. 


The Body Dojo