Try the Murph Challenge!

This Memorial Day week see what your made of and try the famous Murph Challenge! At the surface it may . . . Read More

Last updated May 27, 2019

The Basic Calisthenics Exercises You Should Master

Master these exercises to strengthen your core, balance, strength and mobility. Hollow Body Hold Push Up Pull Up Bodyweight Squat . . . Read More

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Basic Exercises For Your Scapular Muscles

Strong activation of your scapular muscles will help improve your shoulder durability, mobility and strength. You use your scapular muscles . . . Read More

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Getting Started Tutorial

Wondering how you get through your workouts on The Body Dojo? Want to find out what the difference between Programs, . . . Read More

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Tips for hanging your gymnastics rings

Last updated January 21, 2019

How to engage your deep core muscles


Last updated November 4, 2018

How to loosen up tight muscles, reduce soreness, and break apart knots

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) SMR is a safe and effective method to loosen any tight muscles, help relieve knots, and . . . Read More

Last updated November 4, 2018

Pull up max rep challenge!

If you ever tried to see how many pull ups you can do, try it with this method to really . . . Read More

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Basic equipment guide

Last updated October 6, 2018