Advanced back lever tuck on rings

The advanced back lever tuck will begin to condition your primary movers responsible for holding your body in line during a full back lever. Extending your hips and knees will apply more leverage onto your lower trunk muscles, this is your first big step towards a back lever!

Exercise Details
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  • Belt Level(s)
    Blue Belt
  • Muscle Groups
    Chest ,   Core ,   Lower Back ,   Scapular muscles ,   Upper Body
  • Equipment

Advanced back lever tuck on rings Guide


  1. Start with a Back Lever tuck hold on rings
  2. Keeping your legs bent, slowly extend your hips so that your knees are approximately underneath your hips
    1. Your upper leg should be about 90 degrees to your trunk
  3. Hold this position for the instructed amount of time
Key Points:
  • Focus on “Bracing” your core during this movement (Simultaneously activating your deep core muscles and contracting your abdominals)
  • “Flatten” our your lower back so that you begin to condition your core for the back lever
  • Breath!


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