Advanced support on rings

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  • Belt Level(s)
    Orange Belt Green Belt
  • Muscle Groups
    Abdominals ,   Arms ,   Chest ,   Core ,   Lower Pectorals ,   Scapular muscles ,   Shoulders ,   Triceps ,   Upper Body
  • Equipment

Advanced support on rings Guide


  1. Adjust the gymnastics rings to about shoulder height
  2. Firmly grasp the rings using a false grip
  3. Jump up, simultaneously pushing down on the rings
  4. Push the rings to your sides and lock in your arms straight
  5. Stabilize any swinging, engage your scapular muscles by pushing away from the ground
  6. Hold the rings at your sides for the required amount of time
  7. In a controlled manner, lower your body to the ground, similar to a tricep dip negative
Key points
  • It helps to tense all the muscles in your body, from head to toes
  • You may lean forward slightly, this is okay. Maintain balance on the rings and keep your hands to your sides, palms facing in

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