Assisted squats

This exercise will help increase your range of motion on squats.

Exercise Details
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  • Belt Level(s)
    White Belt
  • Muscle Groups
    Gluts ,   Hamstrings ,   Lower Body ,   Quadriceps
  • Equipment
    No Equipment Needed

Assisted squats Guide


Find a stable surface to hold onto, such as a table, parallel bar, or countertop

  1. Standing in front of or next to the support surface
  2. Place one of both hands on the support surface
  3. Place your feet about shoulder width apart
  4. Lower your butt as far down as you can go
    1. Keep your knees pointed forward
    2. Try not keep your knees above your feet
    3. Stay on your heels
  5. Push back up into the starting position, supporting and spotting yourself with your hands
  6. Repeat for the desired number of reps
Key points
  • Each time you attempt assisted squats, aim to go lower and lower until your butt almost touches the backs of your ankles
  • Keep an eye on your knee positioning, keep your knees pointed forward and not out to the sides

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