Baby gorilla hop

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Baby gorilla hop Guide


The movement for the exercise will take you in a sideways direction

  1. Start from a squat sit position
  2. Start by placing both hands in front of you but offset to the left side of your body
  3. Transition your weight onto your hands and skip your feet forward, starting with your right foot, followed by your left foot
  4. Land your right foot behind your left hand, then land your left foot out to your side
  5. Push your hands off the ground and place them again in front of you but offset to the left side
  6. Continue the movement for the required number of steps, then repeat on the other direction
Key points
  • In this movement your opposite side knee may continue to be low to the ground (in the case you are moving to your left, your right knee would be low to the ground, and you will continually land on the ball of your right foot)

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