Back lever tuck holds

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Back lever tuck holds Guide


  1. On a pull up bar, keeping your arms straight, pull your legs into a tuck
  2. Pull your body up and through your arms, you may need to turn your feet so they clear the bottom of the bars
  3. While maintaining the tuck position with your legs, lower your torso such that your torso is parallel to the ground
  4. Hold the back lever tuck position for the required amount of time
  5. Pull yourself back up and through your arms
    1. If you run out of strength, you can also let go of the bars here, just make sure you land on your feet. It is preferred you pull back around through your arms.
  6. Lower your body and dismount the bars
Key points
  • In the back lever tuck position, focus on pulling your shoulders TOWARDS the ground. This will help engage your shoulders in a better manner.
  • Record a video of yourself when you first try this move so you can see if you are positioned properly in the back lever tuck position. It is common for beginning ninjas to have their butts too high

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