Bar pullovers

This is a great exercise to get you above the bar. With the right technique, you can perform this move at the lower belt levels (yellow/orange).

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Bar pullovers Guide


This move requires coordination and timing. The purpose is to get your body above the bar using your lower body as a counterweight. In order to do so, you need to be able to get your hips above and around the bar.

  1. Hanging from a bar, pull up halfway
  2. Once in position, make an “L” shape with your legs and body, and pull your hips up to the bar while maintaining the L shape with your legs and remaining in the halfway-up pull up position
  3. At this point, your legs should be over and around the bar, continue pulling up with your arms and let your legs continue going around the bar
  4. From here you should be able to rotate around the bar on your belly, pull your torso up into a front support position
  5. Grasp the bar firmly and lower yourself with control
  6. Repeat for the required number of reps or attempts
Key points
  • Use the momentum you create when you create the “L” shape with your legs to carry you over the top of the bar
  • Try to get the area right below your belly button to touch the bar
  • Make sure your legs go above and around the bar, this will help you rotate on top of the bar

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