Beast walk in place

This deceptively simple looking movement is quite challenging for any athlete! Challenges your balance, core, shoulders, and legs.

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    Abdominals ,   Core ,   Lower Body ,   Quadriceps ,   Scapular muscles ,   Shoulders ,   Upper Body
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Beast walk in place Guide


  1. Get into a beast position
    1. Start from a squat position
    2. Place your hands on the ground in front of you, about shoulder width apart
    3. Move your feet back and position your legs such that your knees are directly below your hips
    4. Keep your knees just off of the ground
    5. Push away from the ground with your arms, “curling” your shoulders. You should feel your shoulders extending apart from each other. This is engaging your scapular muscles
  2. Lift alternating hand and foot
    1. Lift your right hand and left foot off of the ground
    2. Maintain balance with just your left hand and right foot
    3. Place your hands and feet back down
    4. Lift your left hand and right foot
    5. Maintain balance
    6. Repeat for desired number of reps
Key Points
  • It is important to engage your scapular muscles, do not relax your shoulders and let your torso “sag” between your shoulders
  • Keep your supporting arm straight
  • Keep your knees as low to the ground as possible without touching
  • Try lifting your hand and foot just off of the ground, it will be much harder!

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