Burpees with Pushup

The classic burpee is a great aerobic exercise to get the whole body involved.

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Burpees with Pushup Guide


  1. Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart
  2. Jump straight up into the air, raising your arms above your head as you do so, land on your toes
  3. Quickly bend down and place your hands on the ground in front of your feet
  4. Shoot your legs back and straighten your body into a plank position
  5. Perform a push up
  6. Quickly jump your feet back towards your hands and stand up
  7. Repeat from step 2 for the desired number of reps
Key points
  • Maintain good form with the push up, keep your body in line and use a full range of motion
  • If you are going for a certain number of reps, you can modify the push up with a knee push up

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