Chair pose

AKA Utkatasana, Fierce Pose, Hazardous Pose, Lightning Bolt Pose, Wild Pose

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Chair pose Guide


  1. Start from a standing position, with the feet together or hip width apart, inhale the arms forward parallel to the floor with the palms facing down.
  2. Exhale and bend the knees, squatting down. Reach the hips down and back as if you were going to sit on the edge of a chair, bringing your weight to the heels of the feet. Do not bring the hips lower than the level of the knees.  Make sure that the knees are pointing straight ahead.
  3. Press the shoulders down and back trying to arch the spine. Relax the shoulders down and back and reach out through the finger tips. Stare at a point on the wall or floor in front of you for balance.
  4. Breathe and hold for desired amount of time
  5. To release: inhale and press down into the feet straightening the legs and inhale the arms up toward the ceiling. Exhale releasing the arms down.
Key points
  • You can place your hands on your knees if this move is too difficult
  • Reaching your arms up and gazing towards the ceiling will make this move more challenging

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