Assisted one arm pull ups

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Assisted one arm pull ups Guide

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Perform one arm pull ups using one of the assisted methods below. For each pull up be sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Start with both hands on the bar and then release one arm. Keep your hanging arm scapular muscles engaged.
  2. Focus on pulling your elbow “down” by your side
  3. Squeeze your core and legs. Your body may rotate slightly as you pull up. At the top of the movement you may be more in a “neutral grip”, this is fine.
  4. Lower yourself with control, do not “bang” down onto your hanging shoulder. Release the bar if you cannot control your descent. You do not want to injure your shoulder.

There are a number of methods to assist with one arm pull ups, you can use the following:

  1. Rubber Assist Bands
    1. Wrap the band around the bar and place the open end under your feet.
  2. Counterweight Machine or Pulley
    1. These machines are the most consistent, providing equal assistance throughout the range of motion. Be sure to take note of the weight each workout.
  3. Spotter
    1. Have your spotter assist more on the beginning of the rep
  4. Single arm assist on vertical post
    1. If you have a solid support bar close by, you can grasp it to assist on the pull, similar to a ring offset pull up.
    2. This is the most inconsistent method because you can assist quite a bit with the off hand

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