Downward dog

Depending on your hamstring flexibility, you can perform this move with both bent legs and straight legs. The downward dog pose is great for stretching and opening up your shoulders in preparation for handstand practice. Also this pose is awesome for stretching out your calf muscles.

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Downward dog Guide


  1. Start with your feet together and your hands on the floor about shoulder width apart
  2. Keeping your arms straight, lift your butt into the air and push your chest towards your feet
  3. Exhale as you open and stretch your shoulders
  4. Hold this position for the desired amount of time
  5. Slowly lower yourself back to a plank or to child’s pose and release

Key points

  • Depending on your hamstring flexibility, you can keep your legs bent or straighten them out
  • Play around with your feet positioning to find a comfortable balance and stretch
  • Pushing your heels towards the ground will help stretch your calf muscles

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