Elevated shoulder press

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Elevated shoulder press Guide


  1. Find an elevated sturdy surface about knee height, such as a bench, chair, or plyo box
  2. Place your hands about one leg’s length away from the elevated surface
  3. Put your feet on the elevated surface and open your shoulders so you are in an L position
    1. keep your legs straight
  4. Lower your head to about 10-12 inches in front of your hands, bending your arms
    1. Try to maintain the L shape with your body, try not to “sag” your hips or flatten the angle of your torso to the ground
  5. Push back into the L position, straightening your arms
    1. Push your chest towards your feet to ensure you are opening your shoulders
  6. Repeat for the required number of reps
Key points
  • You might find that your feet will “float” off of the surface as you are in the forward position, this is natural. You can even try to hold the bottom position with your feet elevated
  • Try to maintain a perpendicular angle between your torso and the ground, try not to turn this exercise into a decline push up
  • You must focus on lowering your head IN FRONT of your hands, not between them.

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