False grip ring pull ups

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False grip ring pull ups Guide


  1. Set gymnastics rings high enough such that you can hang from them without your feet touching the ground
    1. It’s okay if you bend your legs in order to keep your feet off the ground
  2. Establish a false grip on the rings
  3. Hang from the rings, turn the rings outward to ensure your arms are straight
  4. While turning the rings back inward, pull yourself so your head clears the bottom of the rings, if possible, pull your hands to chest level
    1. Keep your elbows pulling in a backward motion, not out to the sides
  5. Lower yourself back to the rings turned out hanging false grip position with control
  6. Repeat for required reps
Key points
  • Try not to swing or kip while performing the pull up
  • Perform quality reps, do not worry about hitting high rep numbers with bad form. It’s better to do less reps with good form

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