Incline wide grip ring rows

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Incline wide grip ring rows Guide


Set up the rings to the desired height. The rings should be no higher than your chest. The lower the rings are placed, the harder the exercise will be. In order to build strength, adjust the height of the rings so that you can perform 4-6 repetitions before your form breaks down.

  1. Stand directly in front of the rings, with the rings touching your body.
  2. Grip the rings with a wide grip, about 6 inches wider than shoulder width apart.
  3. Take one step back, with your feet firmly planted into the ground, lean backwards, hanging from an angle on the rings. You should now be at an incline angle to the ground.3
    1. Maintain the wide grip in the hanging position
  4. Starting with your arms straight and scapular extended apart, Lift your body towards the rings, pulling your chest up to your hands
  5. Keep your elbows close to your sides as you ascend, and stop once your chest is at the same level as your hands
    1. Focus on “pinching” your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement
  6. With control, lower yourself back to the starting position, keeping your elbows pointed backwards the entire time, maintaining the distance between your hands
  7. Repeat from step 4 for the desired number of reps
    1. Typically repeat repetitions until your form breaks down or the exercise becomes to difficult to continue
Key points:
  • Keep your body in line, tightening your core to help stabilize your body
  • It’s okay if your hands/wrists are angle slightly, maintain a natural position with your hands as you perform the exercise
  • If your feet are slipping on the ground, try and find something to anchor your feet onto so you do not slip. Sometimes having a friend place their feet on the ground and you push against their feet is a great way to anchor your feet.

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