Inversion to back lever on rings

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Inversion to back lever on rings Guide


  1. Adjust the gymnastics rings to about shoulder height
  2. Grip the rings firmly, pull into an inverted position, stabilize any swinging
  3. Tense up your core and leg muscles
  4. Keeping your body in a hollow position, slowly lower your body until it is parallel with the ground
  5. Pull your shoulders together through your chest, this will help stabilize your shoulder joint
  6. Attempt to pull back up into the inverted position, if this is too difficult, bring your legs into a tuck and pull back to inverted position
  7. With control, lower your body forward, place your feet on the ground and dismount from the rings
Key points
  • When you first start out, record your attempts to understand where your body position is in the back lever. It is common to think you are parallel to the ground when you are really at a steep angle
  • Pushing your shoulders together, down towards the ground, will help you “lock in” the back lever position

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