Wall supported double kick up handstand negatives

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    Green Belt
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    Abdominals ,   Core ,   Fingers ,   Front Deltoids ,   Hamstrings ,   Hands and Wrists ,   Quadriceps ,   Scapular muscles ,   Shoulders ,   Wrists
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Wall supported double kick up handstand negatives Guide


  1. With your hands about 6-8 inches from the wall
  2. Place both feet together and kick up simultaneous, similar to a donkey kick motion
  3. Focus on kicking both feet up straight into the air vertically
  4. Place the bottoms of your feet on the wall and slowly slide your feet down the wall
  5. When your feet are right above your butt, lower your legs to the ground in a tuck position
  6. Repeat for desired number of reps
Key points
  • Leaning forward will help stabilize your balance when lowering from the tuck position
  • Keep your arms straight
  • Extend your shoulders away from the ground to engage your scapular muscles


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