Wind sprint warmup drills

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Wind sprint warmup drills Guide


Practice these exercises for about 5 minutes before performing your wind sprints. It is important to stay on the balls of your feet when performing wind sprints, not only is this a faster way of running, but it is healthier for your joints. The wind sprint warmup drills consist of the following exercises:

  1. High knee skips

    This exercise helps you practice driving your knees and staying on the balls of your feet

    1. Simultaneously thrust your knee up and skip forward.
    2. Use the opposite arm from your high knee to help drive your momentum up and forward
    3. Repeat on each side for 10-20 reps
    4. Stay on the balls of your feet as you skip
  2. Skipping front kicks

    This exercise practices reaching forward with each step and landing on the balls of your feet

    1. Similar to the high knee skips, except you kick out your leg and stomp it on the ground with the balls of your feet
    2. Each step will require and additional “skip”
  3. Practice launches

    1. Practice exploding out of the starting position, take the first few steps of the sprint to acclimate your body to the initial explosion of power

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